Erefern Landcracker, the Earth Colossus
Earth colossus
"As master of wood, rock, and soil; the earth is at my command!"



Hero Type




Erefern's exact origin in unknown. Hundreds of years ago, the colosus of the earth suddenly sprang forth from the ground, fully evolved with all his magnificent powers. Master of wood, rock and soil, he is a formidable opponent who can bend the elements of nature to his will.

Ability StatisticsEdit

Earth colossus stats


Rock SmashEdit

Rock smash
Damage: 80+0 HP to all enemies in the target area.

- Additional Effects: Enemies are silenced for 2 seconds.


Erefern summons a swarm of Woodspirits around a target.

- Effect: When the target is damaged, Erefern consumes one of the Woodspirits to restore 40(+10% MP)HP. The Woodspirits can last up to 20 seconds.

Radiant LightEdit

Radiant light

Effect: Erefern Landcracker has a 20% chance to restore 50 HP when anyone around him uses skills.

Bellow (Ultimate Skill)Edit

- Available upon reaching level 6

- Erefern Landcracker bellows a forceful roar, shaking those in its path.

- Damage: 120+0 HP

- Additional Effect: Enemies stunned for 2 seconds.

Purchase CostEdit

- Emblem Cost: 950

- Runes Cost: 120

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