Read the Epitaph of Valan Anioah, the ghost in the graveyard.
Quest Info
Start Valan Anioah
Location Eristar Graveyard
Previous Next
The Key Memories of a Past Life

Quest Text Edit

Valan Anioah - "Who am I?

I cannot remember anything about myself. I do my best to recover my memories, but only small things come back to me.

I do remember the torch's light shining on the tower... watching deer in the woods... many battle fields and dinners near the fire.

These pleasant and fleeting memories suggest the past, but I want to know... How did I live my life before I died?

The only thing I can remember is my name. They called me Firier.

I stay around here, so my tomb is not too far away. Perhaps you can find my tombstone?"


Valan Anioah - "Did you find my tomb? Who am I?"

Required Edit

Tombstone Inscription

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