Name Level Type Sub Type Slot
Reinforced Blue Moire Skirt  44 Armor Cloth Legs
Reinforced Boots of Celerity  49 Armor Leather Feet
Reinforced Choicest Wool Skirt  37 Armor Cloth Legs
Reinforced Darkstripe Gloves  46 Armor Cloth Hands
Reinforced Darkstripe Shoulderpads  47 Armor Cloth Shoulders
Reinforced Heavy Marcasite Axe  25 Weapons Axe Two-Handed
Reinforced Heavy Polar Axe  41 Weapons Axe Two-Handed
Reinforced Hunter's Leather Trousers  49 Armor Leather Legs
Reinforced Mage Cotton Cloak  25 Armor Cloth Back
Reinforced Rider's Caligae  51 Armor Leather Feet
Reinforced Shadow Fiend's Boots  40 Armor Plate Feet
Reinforced Shadow Fiend's Gloves  41 Armor Plate Hands
Reinforced Shadow Fiend's Helmet  42 Armor Plate Head
Reinforced Yellow Moire Skirt  44 Armor Cloth Legs

The items shown in the preceding chart are all player-made, with materials and symbol items (ex: Master Sergeant's Symbol).

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