Eoltarblod Soma-Loser is a level 26 mob located at Dunwichmoor, a swamp located north of Glimmermoor, in Swamp of Wyrms.

This mob shares the same model as Eoltarblod Devoter.

Drops Edit

Min:  1 Silver 98 Copper
Max: 3 Silver 94 Copper

This mob typically drops level 25-28 uncommon equipment.

Notable drops include the following items:

Item Lvl Type
Accurately Regulated Crossbow 25 Ranged Crossbow
Assassin's Short Blade 25 Main Hand Dagger
Black Steel Scepter 24 One-Handed Hammer
Iron Clad Bow 28 Ranged Bow
Knot Staff of Glimmermoor Farseer 26 Staff
Long Root Staff 26 Staff
Rock Smasher 28 Two-Handed Hammer
Scout's Blade 27 One-Handed Dagger
Sentry Cloak 26 Cloak
Stygian Bone Amulet 27 Necklace
Thunder Ring 28 Ring
Tumultuous Cloak 26 Cloak
Master Sergeant's Symbol Materials
Fragment of Lost Scroll Quest Item
Handbook: Silver Caligae Foundry Handbook
Mysterious Spore Quest Item
Swamp Worm Quest Item

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