Eoltarblod is a hostile encampment north of Glimmermoor, through the swamps of Dunwichmoor in Swamp of Wyrms. The name Eoltarblod is commonly used to describe the entire swampy area, including Dunwichmoor and Owl Wood, since it's the only name on the map for this location.

Eoltarblod is made up entirely of elite mobs that respawn quickly, and is guarded by numerous Eoltarblod Mages.

Shadow Reavers drop Sathlenar's Letter, a quest item that can be used by selecting survey to start [25] Letter from Sathlenar.

Mobs Edit

Mob Lvl (Elite)
Elanreen 26
Eoltarblod Mage 26
Eronee 26
Fearialiner 26
Lereanir 26
Salenosen 26
Sathlenar 28

Images Edit


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