Elareen is a level 26 elite mob located at Eoltarblod, a dry area north of the Dunwichmoor swamp in Swamp of Wyrms.

She is the only female mob in this area and is guarded by the only female Eoltarblod Mage.

Elanreen drops Sathlenar's Letter, an item that starts the quest [25] Letter from Sathlenar.

Drops Edit

This mob does not drop coins. She drops level 23-28 uncommon equipment.

Notable drops include the following items:

Item Lvl Type
Accurately Regulated Crossbow 25 Ranged Crossbow
Assassin's Short Blade 25 Main Hand Dagger
Dragon Stone Shield 24 Shield
Gray Frog Rod 24 Relic
Knot Staff of Glimmermoor Farseer 26 Staff
Long Root Staff 26 Staff
Pioneer Sword 24 Main Hand Sword
Sentry Cloak 26 Cloak
Raincaller Ring 24 Ring
Tumultuous Cloak 26 Cloak
Master Sergeant's Symbol Materials
Cotton Materials
Exquisite Armor Scraps Materials
High Quality Armor Scraps Materials
Fragment of Lost Scroll Quest Item
Mysterious Spore Quest Item
Sathlenar's Letter Quest Item
Swamp Worm Quest Item
Wool Cloth Materials

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