Dual Swords

Binds when picked up
One-Handed Dagger
204-265 Damage
Speed 1.8
(130.3 Damage per second)
+30 Agility
+17 Stamina
Requires level 70
Allowable Class
Equip: Increase attack power by 50.
Equip: Increase hit level by 22.
Gear Mastery: Using the Intangible Blade, devour your enemy's life. Your melee attacks have a chance to trigger the Intangible Flame effect; increases your Attack Power by 500; lasts for 15 sec.
"These swords always stay together. If you use one sword, you will only get 1% of the total might of the Dual Swords. If you use them both, you will have the whole might. In Mist Trader legend, a swordsmith couple made the Dual Swords; they are their finest work."

Sell:     12 Gold 65 Silver 66 Copper

Dual Swords is an epic One-Handed Dagger that is rewarded upon completing the Ranger scanner quest chain. Contrary to the name, Dual Swords is one dagger.

Obtained from Edit

Dual Swords are originally, and still primarily, obtained through the Scanner quest chain. Alternatively, Dual Swords may appear in Black Market or obtained through Lottery. However, since this is a single dagger, it will take winning two of them to be able to upgrade them into Enlightened later on.

Chen Keji in the Mist Trader Base Camp offers the first quest in the Scanner quest chain.

You will receive:

Convenant: Dual Swords are exchanged at Chu Feng in the Mist Trader Base Camp for Dual Swords. It's a long process, often taking a while to get a Scanner, and then getting geared enough to kill Qiu Yuelan (Scanner boss) to finish the chain.

Objective of Edit

Dual Swords are the objective of the Enlightened quest chain, in which these swords are gravebound (turned into useless poor quality items) and after completing the chain they are exchanged for Enlightened Dual Swords.

Warning: Do not talk to Lu Yunfei at the entrance to the Mist Trader Base Camp immediately after getting your Scanner weapon. The quest he gives [70] Living Weapons is a quest chain that WILL REMOVE YOUR SCANNER WEAPON(S). Since many players don't read quest text, many have lost their weapons. The process of getting Enlightened weapons is recommended for T3.5 - T4 epic players.

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