Talk to Finik and find out what happened.
Quest Info
Start Arika
End Arika
Location Port Eversummer
Rewards Money
Previous Next

Quest Text Edit


Arika - "Our soldiers seem restless these days. When I walk amongth their ranks, I hear muttered complaints, I sense trepidation... Just yesterday, in the mess hall, I overheard a pikeman say that he believed we are powerless to resist our enemy's attacks... When morale breaks, armies come tumbling after...

I suspect that the enemy is spreading doubt among the men. This is psychological warfare. I dispatched Finik to the mountains to do some scouting... He's yet to return. Go find him and find out if he's learned anything.

Keep an eye out for the wild beasts that call the mountain their home."


Finik - "I found a missive revealing that the enemy has sent spies to infiltrate our ranks and spread rumors meant to shatter the confidence of our forces."

You - "I see."


Arika - "So.. It is just as I expected. We must take action."

Reward Edit

18 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Head out the back gate and go up into mountains. Follow quest arrow to stone bridge. Talk to Finik who is in the trees.

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