Deep Swamp Fishfolk is a level 26 mob located at Foggy Coast, the beach near Wyrgast's Library.

This mob is distinguished from other fishfolk by the mace it carries.

Drops Edit

Min:  1 Silver 79 Copper
Max: 3 Silver 23 Copper

This mob drops level 29-30 uncommon equipment. Notable drops include the following:

Item Lvl Type
Gladiator's Greatsword 30 Two-Handed Sword
Master Sergeant's Symbol Materials
Cold Stream Fishfolk Fledling Pet
Swamp Fishfolk Fledgling Pet
Exquisite Armor Scraps Materials
Fragment of Lost Scroll Quest Item
Handbook: Matte Boots Leather recipe
Mysterious Spore Quest Item
Swamp Worm Quest Item
Wool Cloth Materials

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