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Darknet Wood Enterence
Darknet Wood


Tear Coast





Storage Box?


Food Shop?


Ubiquitous Nick?




Darknet Wood Edit

This is a small environmental area in the Tear Coast region. It's a small forest area consisting mostly of spiders. According to Ivan at Reeves Manor, the woods once had good game for hunting such as boar and bear. However, the spiders moved in from the swamp and took over. Now, since all of the other game has been killed off by the spiders, the humans are next on the kill list!

The level range here is around 15-16. And is a common place for quests from the Reeves Manor. Please note that this is a very dangerous area for new players or players who are new to the area as the Weavers all have long ranged attacks and the land is very hard to navigate.

Monsters Edit

Spider Queen Of Darknet Wood, Cassandra.

Green Weavers - level 16. Spits poison.

Fire Wearers - level 16. Spits fire.

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