Dark Seeker Assassin is a level 23 female Elf mob located at Owl Wood in Swamp of Wyrms.

She casts an ability called Stomach Pain that deals 30% regular damage and stuns the target for 2 sec.

Objective of Edit

This mob drops Shadow Reaver Medallion, required for the quest [24] Not the Nice Kind of Elves.

Drops Edit

Min: 1 Silver 11 Copper
Max: 2 Silver 23 Copper

Notable drops include the following items:

Item Lvl Type
Dragon Stone Shield 24 Shield
Gray Frog Rod 24 Relic
Pioneer Sword 24 Main Hand Sword
Raincaller Ring 24 Ring
Cotton Materials
High Quality Armor Scraps Materials
Mysterious Spore Quest Item
Shadow Reaver Medallion Quest Item
Swamp Worm Quest Item

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