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A daily quest giver

Daily quests become available each day after completion, recognizable by a purple scroll (although not the minimap, just follow your instincts and don't stop playing:)

For a complete list, see also:

Daily Quests - The Great Desert

Daily Quests - Sinskaald Rift

Whispering IslandsEdit

Port Eversummer Daily - Main Course

Collect 3 Smilodon's Ribs
Collect 2 Wild Boar Meat
Collect 2 Lizard's Eyes
Reward: 54 Silver
Experience: 3750

Vega Square Daily- Before The Front Lines

Kill 10 Wind Tatooed Eristars
Kill 10 Snow Tatooed Barbarians
Kill 10 Earth Tatooed Strikers
Reward: 74 Silver
Experience: 4375

Camp of Hemir Daily - Sharp Poisonous Fangs

Collect 3 Bulette Teeth
Collect 2 Lizard's Blood
Collect 1 Silent Mushroom
Reward: 61 Silver {C}{C}
Experience: 4000

Hall of Reverie Daily - Fish? Fishfolk!

Kill 10 Fishfolk including Dark Soul Seers and Indigo Wave Holders
Reward: 65 Silver
Experience: 4125

Waker Camp Daily - The One's Legacy:

Kill 1 Bloody Flame Barlock
Reward: 1 Gold 30 Silver
Experience: 7600

The Great DesertEdit

Starry Stoneland Daily Daily quest #1 - Resistance of Eristars

Kill 10 Sacrathar Nomads
Reward: 1 Gold 44 Silver
This quest is very close the entrance to the desert. You teleport really close to this quest. After you teleport here its only a minute walk.
Exp = ~ 10,000

Sdukar Daily #1 - Keeping Roads Clear

Kill 10 Saithon Robbers
Reward: 1 Gold 52 Silver
Exp = ~10,000

Skudar Daily #2 - Demon Loot

Give Oziwoods 3 demon weapons
Reward: Tribe Dignity Plate Boots OR Blood Naga Plate Helmet
Recieve quest from Sdkar
Exp = ~ 10,000
Get Keeping roads clear, Demon loot, and Demon blood first before starting these three quests. Demon blood quest can be acquired from the giant dragon close to Sdukar.
Guardian's Rest Daily #1 - Demon's Blood
Kill 10 Demon Soldiers
Reward: 1 Gold 67 Silver
EXP = ~ 10,000
This quest is really close to the other two quests in Sdukar
Dustwind Town Daily #1 - Shell necklaces
Got to get six shell necklaces from either Ankar nobles or Ankar beserkers
Exp = ~ 10,000
Dustwind Town Daily #2 - Kill Ankar Nobility
Have to kill 5 Ankar nobles and 5 Ankar Beserkers
EXP = ~ 11,000

Crimson Tower Antoria Daily quest #1

Kill 10 Saithion Coast Walkers

Exp = ~ 10,000

Crimson Tower Antoria Daily quest #2

kill 10 flamemen.

EXP = ~ 12,000

The flamen are pretty far but on the way you can get a lot of silver light and matted gold. They can be sold for 4g per stack in the AH (auction House).

Will be updated soon for Great Desert and next area.

West of Crimson Tower; Sacrathar

Daily quest @ Kuduin

Crimson Emblem (Daily) [level 47]

Take a Crimson Emblem from the Priests of Sacrathar [level 49 human]

Reward: 2 Gold 8 Silver

12,000 EXP

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