Crimson Rangers' Stag is a trappable Armored Mount for Elves. Other races will need to buy the Race Permit for Elves to be able to ride deer mounts.

The Crimson Rangers' Stag is required for the Deer Sled mount achievement and is an optional mount for the Deer Trainer achievement. It is the more common of the two Armored deer mounts, the other being the White Rangers' Stag.

This mount has appeared in the Black Market for Gold.


Swamp of Wyrms Edit

The Whispering Islands Edit

The Great Desert Edit

Sinskaald Rift Edit

  • PvP zone: Scorched Plains, South of Stranger's Roost.
  • Black Beach, South-West of Bulrinto Outpost. It spawns on the Southern end of the Beach.

Under Realm Edit

  • Silk Valley.

Eternal Frostlund Edit

  • Pillar of Water. The spawn location is by the tunnel.
  • Village of Grove. The spawn location is at the large waterfall.

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