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Crescent Moon Sword

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Crescent Moon Sword

Binds when equipped
One-Handed Sword
49-56 Damage
Speed 1.9
(27.6 Damage per second)
+7 Strength
Requires level 33
Allowable Class
Warrior, Ranger
Equip: Increase attack power by 9.

Sell:     44 Silver 12 Copper

Crescent Moon Sword is a level 33 One-Handed Sword produced by Blacksmiths.

Handbook Edit

Handbook: Crescent Moon Sword requires Advanced Foundry 280 to buy and learn.

It is sold by Foundry Trainers for 80 Silver.

This handbook will also teach how to craft Reinforced Crescent Moon Sword, and is a reagent for crafting it.

Materials Edit

The materials required to craft this are:

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