Controlling Crystal Quest. Steal the controlling crystal from the Psion Warden.

Quest Beginning and EndEdit

Quest is located in the Wispering Islands. Quest begins by talking with Reatinius in Camp of Hemic. Once done go back to same place and again talk to Reatinius.

Quest DetailsEdit

Once you accept the quest, go to the Psionic Tower of Wisper. Follow the arrow. Beware: there are lots of aggressive level 32 enemies along the way.

Enemies: expect to encounter Water, Fire, Storm, and Rock Tatooed Strikers. These enimies drop between 2 silvers - 4 silvers. Also will drop material like wool cloth.

Dont get hung up on the tatooed strikers. Go after the Psion Wardens level 33. They drop armor and weapons. And eventially one of them will drop the controlling crystal.

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