Clear the Graveyard
Kill Anhil, the Slayer, 6 Fury Zombies and 6 Cracked Skeletons.
Quest Info
Start Commander Greyfrey
End Commander Greyfrey
Location Waker Camp
Rewards Armor, Money
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Quest Text Edit


Commander Greyfrey - "Eristars have a Great Graveyard on the southern coast. It used to be a place to mourn the dead, but now it is haunted and forbidden. Spirits and zombies have blocked the way, and their screams disturb our sleep each and every night.

It seems that even in the ruined land, death is not final.

Those undead creatures... We loved them once... But they have forgotten who they were, and now only kill to satisfy their primal desires. Our relatives died long ago. Bury them now."


Commander Greyfrey - "It is a fitting end for them."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Fallen Eristar Flamen's Hood
  • Waker Honorable Leather Trousers
  • Obsidian Plate Legplate

87 Silver

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