City of Ruin
Gather 10 Adamant Marbles.
Quest Info
Start Malachi
End Malachi
Location Vega Square
Rewards Money
Previous Next
none none

Quest Text Edit

Malachi - "They call me crazy. Let them call me crazy!

I intend to start rebuilding the once-magnificent city. Will I see her rise to her former glory before the course of my liftime runs?

Of course not! But I am an architect! I was born to build. I refuse to sit on my hands and let the past claim all the glory.

If you find any Adamant Marble, please... bring it to me.

A city is built stone by stone, adventurer. It's time to start!"


Malachi - "Stone by stone, my friend..."

Required Edit

10 Adamant Marble

Reward Edit

74 Silver

Walk-through Edit

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