Chaotic Tomb
Bring me the Divination Firepot from Feramende, the Mistress of Wraiths.
Quest Info
Start Valan Anioah
End Valan Anioah
Location Eristar Graveyard
Rewards Weapon, Money
Previous Next
Memories of a Past Life

Quest Text Edit


Valan Anioah - "The Key! Take it away!

Have you not felt the power of death spreading from it? It is unholy; I am scared just looking at it.

Only the dead know the true meaning of death.

I have only known one person who could shed some light on the subject. She is... Feramende, the Mistress of Wraiths.

She died and was cursed but her body remained. We have not met for a hundred years... Her tomb is called the Chaotic Tomb. She lives as a respected warlock and keeps her Divination Firepot in her coffin.

Bring the Divination Firepot to me."


Valan Anioah - "Yes, we are very close..."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Eristar's Hatchet
  • Spiritual Staff

91 Silver

Required Edit

Divination Firepot

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