The Camp of Sacrathar is a group of enemy humanoids after the end of sand.

The Camp of Sacrathar can be a bit of a challenge for players entering the desert if they aren't careful. There is also a daily quest which requires players to kill 10 Sacrather Nomad Elites. This is hard at first for players level 38~ because there are a lot of enemies in the area. It is quite hard to not accidenly get into battle with a large mob due to the small space between enemies. Use caution in this area.

Tips: If you are in a battle with a mob which you know you can't win run away towards the NPC who gave you the daily quest. The NPC will assist you in attacking the mob. This means you can get away, get xp from the kill, and possibly some loot too!

Main Attractions:

  • There is a daily quest here (marked with a purple quest badge), this will assist in grinding through levels.
  • Elite Mobs provide a good 350xp per kill
  • There is a chest further back in the camp.

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