Burner's Torch
Kill Atomengio and steal the Burner's Torch from his remains.
Quest Info
Start Valan Anioah
End Valan Anioah
Location Eristar Graveyard
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
Chaotic Tomb Fire Illusion

Quest Text Edit


Valan Anioah - "The Divination Firepot... To make fire, a special torch is required.

Feramende's torch is in the hands of Atomengio. He was Feramende's student and went mad after his master's death.

Atomengio can be found in the graveyard. He uses the torch to set fire to corpses and... meet with the living. Kill him and bring his torch here."


Valan Anioah - "Everything is prepared. Let us begin..."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Blue Waker's Robe
  • Raging Collapse Leather Vest

96 Silver

Required Edit

Burner's Torch

Walk-through Edit

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