Bordhill Vindication
Use Lirus's Scroll on Cynaesstra to Dispel his magical defenses, and then kill Cynaesstra.
Quest Info
Start Lirus
Prerequisite Shock & Awe
Location Bordhill - windmill
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
Shock & Awe none

Quest Text Edit


Lirus - "You have done wonders for our little settlement of Bordhill, Ranger. Mayor Healoncv has spoken highly of you.

I wonder if I can persuade you to do another bloody deed on our behalf... These poor merchants, they don't understand what it takes to keep them safe, allow their wives and children to grow up contented and proserous. The prefer to look away, but you and I, we know the truth don't we?

The snakehead warrior-king of Siithrax is next on our hit list. Calls himself Cynaesstra. His priests have protected him thus far... but now they're dead. He's next.

Take this scroll I have transcribed. When you find three totem-poles near the skeleton of a dragon, read the scroll's words.

And then Kill him."


Lirus - "Cynaesstra is dead? Hah! Another snakehead ground into the dust! I shall rid this swamp of every last one of them before I die!"

Reward Edit

Purple Gossamer Hood

Wild Wisdom Hood

26 Silver

Will Receive Edit

Lirus' Scroll

Walk-through Edit

Go back to the settlement, follow the quest arrow to the correct spot. When you reach the totem poles, open your bag, click on the scroll, and select 'Use'. Kill Cynaesstra and return to Lirus.

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