Bloodstained Armor
Loot 5 pieces of Bloodblade Armor from Akhan Bandits.
Quest Info
Start Korio, Chieftain
End Korio, Chieftain
Location Wind's End
Rewards Armor
Previous Next
Trickery in the Works Evil vs. Evil

Quest Text Edit


Korio, Chieftain - "The tribe of Bloodblade has settled to the northwest. Like us, they are descendants of Akhan... But they have long turned their backs on our ways. Now they are little more than claws for the Sorcerer Kings.

They are no different than those who follow Necemiss. They mind nothing about the Great Wolf. They worship purses, blades, coins, boots...

I've heard whispers that the Sorcerer Kings have wicked spells capable of wresting the mind of a man. Do you think it possible.

Ha! Nonsense... There is no spell can werest one's mind. They are cursed, perhaps... But the curse did not come from the Sorcerer Kings.

Every head severed by their sabers... every mournful wail from a woman losing her home... every gold coin plucked from a corpse... that is what haunts them. That is their curse.

They may have been men once, but now they are monsters. And they have grown more and morehostile to my people... To THIER people.

I have a plan, a way to deal with them. I want you to gather five pieces of their armor. i do not care if there is blood on them.


Korio, Chieftain - "These will make for an excellent ruse."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Virtuous Flame's Hood
  • Dull Vine Hood

1 Gold 1 Silver

Required Edit

5 Bloodblade Armor

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