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A Blood Swamp Killer

The Blood Swamp Killer is a Saithion-like monster found in Arkan's Field, south of Miskatonia in the Swamp of Wyrms. It is mainly killed for the Soverign of the Swamp Quest. It also drops all of the Zone-wide drop quest items in the Swamp along with Exquisite Armor Scraps, Woll Cloth, and Coins.
Blood Swamp Killer
Level: 28 Money: 0 Gold 1-3 Silver 1-99 Copper
General loot

Gladiator's Greatsword (Blue Item)33.3 DPS +8strength +12 Stam Requires lvl 30 Equip: Increase Crit by 10
Opal Necklace of Magma Green BOE Neck +5 strength +5 Wisdom Requires lvl 29

Quest loot

Mysterious Spore
Fragment of the Lost Scroll
Swamp Worm

Material loot

Exquisite Armor Scraps
Wool Cloth

Pet loot:
Location(s): Swamp of Wyrms:Arkan's Field

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