Blood Clots
Collect 5 Green Blood Clots from Oasis Herbivorous Lizards.
Quest Info
Start Ronour
End Ronour
Level 44
Location Crimson Tower: Antoria
Rewards Armor
1 Gold 27 Silver
Previous Next
Ronour's Fear Fragile Souls

Objective Edit

Collect 5 Green Blood Clots from Oasis Herbivorous Lizards.

Quest Text Edit

Samarian wants me to fetch blood clots. From lizards.

"Essence from life..."

I can still remember the afternoon he tried to teach me about it. I guess not all lizards have their blood clot when they get cut or something? Because they eat too many green plants? Or something? And so their blood spills out and it doesn't really clot until after they're dead? Or something?

I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.

Either way, Samarian uses the clots for some kinda potion. And he needs five. Only he also needs me to gather eight prickly blossoms and twenty lugtoads as well. And of course, he needs this ALL right away. Always right away.

Do you think you could gather five blood clots for me? You can get them by killing the lizards roaming the oasis to the southeast.

Completion Edit

I wish my uncle still liked me.

Quest blood clots complete

Reward Edit

You can choose one:


  • 1 Gold 27 Silver

Quest Progression Edit

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