Blood Brothers
Kill 30 Tattooed Eristar Harassers
Quest Info
Start Raveen
End Raveen
Prerequisite The Eristars
Location Port Eversummer
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
The Eristars none

Quest Text Edit


Raveen - "The Eristar race has crumbled, as have the Whispering Isles themselves. We are the Wakers... We are your friends and we need your help.

The people hovering around our camp and threatening us are caled the Lost. Their hearts and minds have been taken by The One. When The One has a thught, they all think it. When The One has a feeling, they all feel it. Though they are many, they are really only one. Why a beloved and worshiped deity would so cruelly enslave a people to his will is beyond us.

The Lost are our people... And yet... Driven by the will of The One, they attack us. For The One is angry at us for waking up and escaping from his control.

So, though it pains us to do so... We ask for your help in fighting back. There is no other solution. If we are to be a peaceful and free-thinking people, our only hope is to eliminate the Lost."


Raveen - "Please understand that we only asked you to raise your blade because they raised their blade against us."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Eristar Monk's Shoes
  • Undead Detective Leather Boots
  • Boiling Waker Plate Boots

54 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Follow the road out of Port Eversummer past the teleport and up the hill. Hang a left into the ruins. Kill and loot the Tattooed Harassers.

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