Blackblood Flesheater is a level 60 elite mob located at the southern end of Foggy Coast, the beach near Wyrgast's Library.

Blackblood Flesheater was required for the daily quest [60] Feeling Squiggly (Daily), which has since been emoved.

Drops Edit

Min:  1 Silver 92 Copper
Max: 3 Silver 46 Copper

This mob drops level 60 uncommon equipment. Notable drops include the following:

Item Lvl Type
Bloodmoon 60 Necklace
Extraplanar Shard 59 Relic
Fername's Blade 59 Main Hand Sword
Flesh Cleaver 59 One-Handed Axe
Flying Lightning Bow 59 Ranged Bow
Heartforger 59 Staff
Lut'Hiran's Hammer 59 One-Handed Hammer
Mountain Smasher 59 Two-handed Hammer
Red Lotus 59 One-Handed Dagger
Shadewood Pendant 59 Necklace
Fragment of Lost Scroll Quest Item
Mage Cloth Materials
Mysterious Spore Quest Item
Super Armor Scraps Materials
Swamp Worm Quest Item

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