Bear Meat
Collect 6 pieces of Bear Meat.
Quest Info
Start Sarahoos, Cook
End Sarahoos, Cook
Location Vega Square
Rewards Money
Previous Next
none We Deliver

Quest Text Edit


Sarahoos, Cook - "I've been stationed here for over a month... There's no beef! No fresh vegetables! Baah! I am so sick of fish!

The soldiers know they can't really complain, but... I am a cook! I am an artist! My palette is --! I can't --! I've got--! This isn't--! Rannhgfhgjhar!

...bear.. ...delicious and succulent bear meat... I dream about it at night... What I wouldn't give to have some bear meat... To smell bear meat cooking... To smile knowing that bear meat is dancing across everyone's tastebuds...

Giant bears inhabit this island. Years ago, bear meat was used in the palace's main dishes. That's how good bear meat is. Get some bear meat so these guys can have a good meal, would you? I'd go, but I don't hunt. I just cook."


Sarahoos, Cook - "You, my friend, are in for a succulent treat!"

Required Edit

6 Bear Meat

Reward Edit

65 Silver

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