"Mercy? Ha! They don't call me Balondis the Merciless for nothing"

Balondis is strong, you can trap enemies with his last skill.
Forgotten warrior


At start:                                                                        At lvl 15 with recommended items

hp    -    568                                                                  hp        -       2834

mp    -    360                                                                 mp      -        920

atk    -    54.00 (49.00 + 5.00)                                         atk        -       244.68 (91.00 + 153.68)

atk speed  -   .72/s                                                        atk speed    -   1.90/s

mov     -    4.25                                                             mov          -     5.00

mag    -    0                                                                  mag         -      0

crit    -     1.20%                                                           crit         -       16.8%

mag def   -    19                                                           mag def     -     77.80 (63.80 +15.00)

leech     -     0                                                             leech        -      0%

harvest hp   -    0                                                        harvest hp    -    15%

def      -      24                                                            def  -  181 (66.00 +115.00) also reflects 30% attack back.

hp reg    -     1.22/s                                                     hp reg     -       17.72/s (4.72 +13.00)

mp reg  -    1.10/s                                                      mp reg     -      3.20/s

Remember lvl 15 stats are with the recommended items. When you stray from those stats are subject to change.

Strategy - get corrosive dust at the beginning and use it right before the enemy will likely run. It it deals damage and slows them down 40% for a few seconds to give you more time to finish them off. Once at lvl 6 get the Infernal Cage and anytime an enemy runs from you use that because it deals massive amounts of dmg and keeps them from running away. If they still arent dead then use the corrosive dust again right before the cage disappears so they are slowed by 40% so you can finish them off.

Always put on undying vengance and carrion swarm before running in to attack. the vengance hurts an enemy when they use skills on you, and the carrion swarm deals damage over time to anyone close by. Try to get heros 1v1 because you have the def and hp to take most people on 1v1.


Corrosive dust

Deals 80 dmg and slows the enemy for 2 seconds


Carrion Swarm

Deals 15 dmg per second for 15 seconds to all enemys close by


Undying Vengance

Passive: Reduces incoming dmg by 3%

Active: enemys who target balondis with a skill recieve 25 dmg and are stunned for .5 sec


Infernal Cage

deals 65 dmg per second to all enemys in the cage lasts for 5 seconds

Reduces incoming damage by 20% to all allies who are in the cage.


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