Auto Shoot is a Life Skill known by all Races and Classes. It allows the use of Ranged Weapons to auto shoot for the player when their target is out of melee range. This skill can also be used to pull mobs strategically, by pulling one or fewer mobs at a time to fight.

ASBow Auto Shoot icon for Bow, Crossbow, and Thrown weapons.

ASWand Auto Shoot icon for Wands.


"Shoot enemy using ranged weapons."

  • Resource cost: 0MP/Morale/Vigor
  • Range: 25m
  • Casting time: The attack speed of the currently equipped ranged weapon
  • Cooldown time: 3 seconds

Ranged Weapons per ClassEdit

Bow Crossbow Thrown Wand
Mage ASWand
Monk ASBow ASWand
Ranger ASBow ASBow ASBow
Warrior ASBow ASBow ASBow
Flame Knight ASBow

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