Attack of the Fishfolk
Kill 2 Indigo Raiders, 5 Indigo Wavewalkers and 5 Indigo Sandwalkers.
Quest Info
Start Erimis
End Erimis
Location Fallen Star Strait
Rewards Armor, Money
Previous Next
A Guard on an Isolated Island none

Quest Text Edit


Erimis - "The frontier is not as dangerous as you think. Most of the time, you can spend the whole day staring at the other coast.

But recently the Fishfolk appeared. Not just one, but many. We seldom used to see Fishfolk, but now they are all over our islands.

These savage creatures always try to attack us... They want to drive us out!

Teach them a lesson to calm the crazy creatures down. Some of them are hanging around the sand across the strait; kill them."


Erimis - "Good job, but it's too early to celebrate. Some guests have surprised us."

Reward Edit

  • Blue Waker's Shoes
  • Raging Collapse Leather Boots
  • Ancient Guard Plate Boots

78 Silver

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