Archmage Sathlenar
Kill Archmage Sathlenar upon the same altar he used to slaughter countless innocent children.
Quest Info
Start Olande
End Olande
Location Miskatonia
Rewards Armor or Jewelry, Money
Previous Next
Letter from Sathlenar none

Quest Text Edit


Olande - "So Sathlenar is the true power behind the Reavers and their bloody reign. It's shocking.

Sathlenar is knwn throughout Miskatonia as a generous, quiet mage who lives by himself outside the city. He has defended us from enemies within and without for as long as anyone can remember.

And all along, it seems, he was living a parallel existence, murdering our children in order to extend his life and the lives of the Reavers.

He lives in a tower atop a steep, rock cliff west of here. I beg you, go there and ill hi. Kill him, and end his blood soacked tenure in our land. Kill him, and the sacrifice of our children will cease! KILL HIM!"


Olande - "How many lives did he destroy in order to feed his appetite for life? I'm just glad a monster like that is finally dead..."

Reward Edit

Choose one:

  • Ghost Cloak
  • Ice Fang Ring
  • Cold Wind Cloak
  • Ice Scale Ring

95 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Head back to Eolarblod.

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