Arcadian Forest is the lowest level region in Haradon, but some mobs may seem out of place due to their high level.

Exceptions Edit

These mobs are neutral will not attack unless attacked first. They are recognized by a '?' where it shows the level of the mob. There are three types of monsters in total and three spawn in total.

Dire Spider Edit

The dire spider is a ranged caster that does very high damage and is not to be attacked.

Dire Bear Edit

The dire bear will run at you then start melee attacking very fast doing high damage.

Dire Crocodile Edit

The dire crocodile is the weakest of the three super high level monsters and is able to be killed by levl30+

Aggressive monsters Edit

Wang Dai Edit

Wang Dai is a aggressive monster to spawns in the sharpdagger camp he is very aggressive and does about 2000 damage when he hits you. That will most likely insta-kill players lower than level 60.

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