An Oral Message
Talk to Xealarumoriphis in the Wyrgast's Library.
Quest Info
Start Deageriusa
End Xealarumoriphis
Prerequisite none
Location Miskatonia
Rewards none
Previous Next
none none

Quest Text Edit


Deageriusa - "Er, excuse me stranger... Old Deageriusa has a thing to trouble you about.

I need someone to deliver a message to an old frind.

There is an ancient building located on the coast to the southeast. You can find the path via the mountains to the west, just take the road and turn south when you reach the sea. You will reach a building of obsidian stone, crowned with the statue of a dragon.

When you arrive, find a female guard named Xealarumoriphis. Tell her my message. It is but one word: "Yes."

Be wary of the rougish Fishfolk littering the coastline. Though the building is an ongoing nightmare to them - for old Marucathran has given them a thousand punishments - they may still trouble you on your journey."


Xealarumoriphis - "Deageriusa is voting 'Yes'? I see... Thank you for delivering his word."

Walk-through Edit

Go to the LIbrary, teleport is fastes way. In the courtyard before entering the library is Xealarumoriphis, speak to her to complete quest.

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