An Opaque Request
Talk to Vookie in Port Verecy
Quest Info
Start Celoria, Psion Scholar
End Captain Vookie
Prerequisite I've Made a Huge Mistake
Location Wyrgast's Library
Rewards none
Previous Next
none Vookie Needs Help

Quest Text Edit


Celoria - "Do you want to know what I think? I think demons and dragons and all these creatures, whether real or imagined, are not our worst enemies.

Our worst enemies are our own minds.

I would like you to see a friend of mine. Captain Vookie. She is in Port Verecy, which we know as "The Port of Tears." Just travel west across the valley from Glimmermoor."


Captain Vookie - "I am Captain Vookie, Ranger."

Walk-through Edit

Port Verecy is on the west coast of the Swamp of Wyrms. Close to the teleport is a ship pulled up to the dock. Speak to Captain Vookie on the dock.

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