Ah, Youth
Take one Saithion Armor to Young Oriler. Armor can be obtained from any Desert-Concealed Saithions.
Quest Info
Start Young Oriler
End Alr' Uram
Level 43
Location Crimson Tower: Antoria, The Great Desert
Rewards Armor, 1 Gold 22 Silver
Previous Next
none Lower the Draft Age


Take one Saithion Armor to Young Oriler. Armor can be obtained from any Desert-Concealed Saithions.

Saithion Armor 0/1

Saithion Armor can be looted from the following mobs:

Desert-Concealed Archer
Desert-Concealed Assassin
Desert-Concealed Fighter
Desert-Concealed Sorcerer

Quest TextEdit

Need a mercenary? Need a blade? Need a stalwart warrior at your side to vanquish every threat around?! I can do anything and everything!

Need someone you hate to disappear?! Thwack, I'm on it! Did someone kidnap your pet lizard? I'll get it back! Shwoop! I may be young, but what I lack in years I make up in strength and brains and passion and... and... other stuff!

No!? ... You don't want me? ... Well... Pffffft!!!

Can you at least maybe do me a favor? Pretty pretty please?

Necemiss the Sorcerer King is recruiting soldiers for the Sacrathar Legion! I guess a bunch of them died on the sands of the Whispering Islands or something. His soldiers get to fight on the most intense battlefields and, and, and... and they usually only live for, like, a year if they're lucky, but... But the ones that do live get first pick at all the treasure!

I went to the stupid recruiter to sign up, and guess what?

She said I'm too young!

I think the problem is that I don't look enough like a warrior! I tried to find some armor, but everything's too big! But you know what? You know what? I bet I could fit into a Saithion suit of armor!

Think you could get me one?! You'd be my bestest friend ever!


Wow! It's perfect! Thanks!
Quest ah youth complete


You can choose one:


  • 1 Gold 22 Silver 0 Copper

Quest Progression Edit

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