Adurui the Wise
Talk to Adurui
Quest Info
Start Menmenpos
Location Sdukar
Previous Next
The Demons Return, Rough-Skinned Riders Talk to Adurui

Quest Text Edit


Menmenpos - "You have proven your friendship, elf, and you have won our respect. I grant you the title of Citizen of Sdukar. We Daisauros now accept you as one of our own.

As a Citizen of Sdukar, you may visit our academy and learn from Adurui the Wise. He is one of our greatest philosophers, capable of turning the simplest of tasks into a profound meditation.

Adurui is also serving as chief adviser to our humble resistance forces. They're currently focusing their attention on the burgeoning Saithion threat.

Perhaps he could use your help."


Adurui - "Greatings, Elf. I am Adurui."

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