A Shaman's Promise
Loot 10 Swamp Crocodile Hides from Swamp Rock Crocodiles.
Quest Info
Start Gailo
Prerequisite Lost Love - Glimmermoor
Location Miskatonia
Rewards Armour, Money
Previous Next
Lost Love An Alchemist's Tracks

Quest Text Edit


Gailo - "I know of whom you speak.

Poor girl. Absurd tribe. Tharrath walks another path, one that cannot be so easily followed. His power has grown enormous. But... why do you car? What business is this of yours? Sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone...

Ah well, if you insist. I need some crocodile hides for a Rite of Becoming... Go and kill ten such for me, and we shall speak more of these matters."


Gailo - "I shall tell you more of Tharrath."

Reward Edit

41 Silver

Choose one:

Good Wisdom's Shoes

Lucid Wisdom's Shoes

Swamp Spider Leather Boots

Vicious Naga Plate Mail Boots

Required Edit

10 Swamp Crocodile Hide

Walk-through Edit

Head South out of town towards the PvP Area Arkan's Field. Find and kill crocodiels, loot bodies. When you have 10, return to Gailo.

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