A Ghost's Last Wish
Find all 3 Pirate Treasure Chests and destroy them.
Quest Info
Start Haien, Ghost Captain
End Haien, Ghost Captain
Prerequisite The Specter of Freedom
Location Port Verecy
Rewards Money
Previous Next
The Specter of Freedom Out of the Past

Quest Text Edit


Haien - "There is yet one more tie that binds me here to this mortal plane. We buried three chests of treasure. Find them. Destroy them. If there is anything left after all these centuries, you may take it. My only desire is freedom from this nonlife."


Haien - "Thank you, Ranger. And now I return to the dust whence we all came..."

Required Edit

3 Chest in Ruins

Reward Edit

58 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Find three chests; in the Ruins, in the Cabin, and in the Water. Open the chest and retrieve the Chest in Ruins. You will need space in your bag.

Staying on this beach, go inland and first you come to the cabin. Go farther inland and you come to some pillars. There are two chests here - one is the quest and the other is a loot chest.

Chest in Water is by the wreck of the old pirate ship under water.

Each chest will disappear and re-spawn if another player gets to it first.

Before you leave Haien's Beach - survey the Rod of Storm Caller that you picked up from dead pirates.

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