A Friend in Need
Get Snake venom antidote from Airurasth, the Grandmaster of the Academy.
Quest Info
Start Ilaniro, Explorer
End Ilaniro, Explorer
Prerequisite Lost
Location Waterfalls Basin
Rewards none
Previous Next
Lost none

Quest Text Edit


Ilaniro - "Please, help us! My friend Polymatch Sennaior is in grave danger! She was bitten by a snake earlier today... We've tried everything to save her but all we've been able to do is delay the effects of the snake's venom.

Do you know the Necromancer's Academy on the hill to the east? I'm sure they must know an antidote... But the way there is blocked by skeletal creatures who attack us when we try to get through.

Will you make the attempt? Will you get the snake venom antidote from the scholars at the Nocromancers' Academy?"


Ilaniro - "Thank you, Ranger! My frind will live..."

Required Edit

Snake Venom Antidote

Walk-through Edit

Head east to the Nocromancers' Academy. Go inside, to the second floor. Talk to Airurasth. He will give you the antidote. Return to Ilaniro and give him the antidote.

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