A Bottle of Soul
Retrieve the Soul Bottle of Kotur
Quest Info
Start Orise
End Orise
Prerequisite The Soul of Kotur
Location Outside of Bordhill
Rewards Money
Previous Next
The Soul of Kotur Deliverance

Quest Text Edit


Orise - "Surely you jest!

Bah! That wretch! How he begged me to take his soul away that day, how he hemmed and hawed! Now he wants it back? The pitiful fool. Does he think he's "gotten over it?"

Well, it's no matter to me. The bottle is now at Lowland Swamp. You can get it for him if you want. Bring it to me so that I can verify that it's the right bottle. Wouldn't want you giving him the wrong soul."


Orise - "Yes, that's the bottle."

Required Edit

1 Soul Bottle of Kotur

Reward Edit

35 Silver

Walk-through Edit

Head west into the swamp, where to totem poles are and the snakemen shamans. Follow the quest arrow to a jug by one of the totem poles. If another player gets to the jug first, it will disappear but will re-spawn. Return to Orise

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